Custom Acrylic DJ Booth created for Louis Vuitton can now be yours

An aspiring DJ or even an established one could never refuse a designer DJ Booth especially one that was created for Louis Vuitton. So for all such enthusiasts is the new Custom Acrylic DJ Booth created by Aaron R Thomas for Louis Vuitton for use in VIP Functions such as Louis Vuitton Golden Globes Party. This custom DJ Booth features a large display case area that is lit from below to create a cool glow around its surroundings. Hand Crafted in Orange County, California, from only the highest quality American, made Cast Acrylic, it is specially created on an order basis. Customers have the choice to customize these booths according to their requirements of size and color. The exquisite and modern design make this booth a must-have for many.

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So go ahead and set the mood with this exquisite booth that will mesmerize your audience and be the perfect complement for your exclusive music tracks. If this baby has managed to charm you, go ahead and order it at As for the price, it is available on request only.

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