Cyberman Replica Display Helmet

Looking for some art deco that is really in your face nasty? Every sci-fi freak (or those who love Dr. Who) is on the lookout for that something broodingly ghastly to add to the shock value of his living space. Your quest for such weird artifacts ends here. Presenting to you the “spectacularly cool helmets worn by the new breed of Cybermen.” Redesigned in 2006 the Cybermen headgear is made from 11 separate components, most of which are cast in cold aluminum resin. An official replica, they are crafted by the same team behind the metallic monsters seen hunting David Tennant’s Dr. Who on TV. Authenticated with a Certificate of Ownership signed by Neill Gorton, the man behind the new face of Cybermen. You can now tell one and all that you got a collectible item done specially for you by the multi-award-winning prosthetic make-up artist.

Tarnished, aged, and weathered, these helmets have got such a realistic look that you may have to scream for the good Doctor to help! This Cybermen Helmet may not yell “Delete!” just as yet, be we think “Excellent!” seems befitting. Get this display helmet for £569.95 (€844.40 or US$1118.40)

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