Dama TV Wardrobe lets you dress up while watching your fav soap

A LCD stipulated on to any surface is not new. We have seen it on refrigerators, microwaves, beds, bathtubs and many more places. So isn’t to shocking to find it now perched on to a wardrobe. Dama TV wardrobe is what I’m hinting at. This sliding door wardrobe comes with an integrated 32″ LCD HD-ready TV. And what’s novel is that you can actually slide the doors open with the LCD running in the back. Coming from Technopolis, it is equipped with a sliding and projecting door that is 100 mm thick. The screen is preset for the new digital and high definition transmissions, in a 16:9 scale, completed with a HDMI link. And if you think that you’ll have to tackle the dangling wires then you are wrong. An integrated mechanism hides in the connecting wires that go through the inside part of the door and are situated above the cover of the wardrobe.

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Featuring gloss grigio perla lacquered panels and panels with special reflecting glass for the TV, the wide side frames are presented in grey oak.