Damien Hirst attracts controversy with diamond-studded infant skull

And he does it again! Renowned UK-based artist Damien Hirst is proving time and again that art has meaning from the beyond and literally so! After decorating an adult human skull with platinum and diamonds which marked one of the most expensive contemporary artwork and the largest diamond piece commissioned, he has now turned to a child. However, the ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ artwork comes with it a share of grievances from parents who have lost children. The artwork features a 19-th century skull of a newborn baby which was in Damien’s pathology collection. The artwork features platinum and more than 8,000 pink and white diamonds from the Bentley & Skinner jewellers and will be showcased at the Gagosian gallery in Hong Kong this month and then in London later on.

No price was given, but we can expect with the kind of controversy it has managed to attract, the piece of art will easily surpass the $100 million mark from Damien’s earlier ‘For the Love of God.’

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