De Majo’s Winter Breeze Chandelier Collection

The chandelier has always been a sign of opulence; it gives the most ordinary house a palatial feeling. However, not all chandeliers are built the same; the standard chandeliers have become almost a cliche. De Majo is keeping the tradition and reputation of the chandelier alive with their custom-made chandeliers. With creative, technical, and aesthetic innovations, they ensure that this luxurious item does not get lost in cliches. Their latest collection, the ‘Winter Breeze’ collection, is the perfect example to showcase true worth. Hand made with Murano glass, these chandeliers break through the barriers of predictability and instead find a way to interpret unexpected forms and expressions. Murano glass made exclusively on the Venetian island of Murano is as elite today as in the 10th century when glassmakers were first recognized. While using this glass alone is reason enough to consider this product the epitome of luxury, De Majo’s expert craftsman turns it into a masterpiece. With this collection, the company is hoping to promote a more seductive perception of interior spaces.

To own one of these exclusive chandeliers, the wait is about 5 weeks as each piece is custom-made and produced on order. The chandeliers are made entirely by hand and are available with 18, 24, or 40 lights. Depending on your preference, they can be created in crystal, crystal gold leaf, black, or milky. This fully customizable piece needs no supporting decor, making a statement all on its own. The approximate price for the chandelier featured here is $58,000.

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