Delightfull Graphic Lamp Collection illuminates letters, numbers and symbols

When most of us think of a lamp, we think of a simple white lampshade over a boring stand. Delightful however turns this concept on it’s head and instead creates unique lamps that demand your attention, such as the Gold Botti Lamp and the Brubeck Lamp. Delightfull’s latest Graphic Lamp Collection will add whimsy to your home or office; it is a collection that features letters, numbers, and symbols in a variety of iconic, graphic-type fonts. The lamps are ideal for hotels and clubs and can be mounted on the floor, tables, or put up as wall fixtures. You can combine the numbers and symbols to light up an important date literally. The lamps have been created using a complex mix of aluminum, brass, acrylic, and iron. Whether you choose just a word to inspire you in your office or simply a letter that reminds you of something important, these lamps are sure to brighten up your day.

The letters and numbers are all highlighted with a unique combination of filament and neon bulbs, making these lamps ideal for clubs or more edgy hotel rooms. These lamps will add personality to wherever they are kept. Each lamp from Graphic Lamp Collection costs about $5,000.

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