Diamond Mirror on the wall, who is the richest of the all?

Some people cannot live without a mirror, just like the Wicked Queen from Snow White. And if you are one of those (minus the evilness, of course) and want to do it in style, a diamond is what you need! The Diamond collection of mirrors from Piet Houtenbos, made in Low Iron Glass, Silver, and Laminated Magnet, is just the thing you need. The mirrors have been crafted using precision glass beveling techniques. The mirrors can be wall mounted by attaching them on a mounting plate or placed on a tabletop using a steel stand.

Available in two variants namely, Diamond Mirror Tableau (40″ x 35.5″) and the Diamond Mirror Portrait (31″ x 27.5″), the former is priced at $5,000, while the later costs $3,500 apiece. The mirrors are fully customizable and can be rotated in any direction.
[Piet Houtenbos]

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