Diamond Sofa- jeweled furniture

As we have interminably written about ‘diamonds are forever’ once again we bring it up vis-à-vis to this ostentatious diamond sofa. The Diamond sofa concept by Samanta Snidaro and Andrea Fino of Sand & Birch design studio is entirely realized in mirror-like aluminium. On the wide stripe, 160 crystals of Swarovsky will be disposed of creating images. The lamp on its side will be a fluorescent or a led one. This flamboyant sofa aims not only for sitting but also as a magnificent decorative object. It is surely going to add a superfluous sparkle to your existing affluent home decor.

Sand & Birch is bringing forward a project in which the objects lose their proper primitive functions and acquire other meanings. In this way, the Diamond sofa becomes an expression of predominantly aesthetical value: from just a sofa it becomes a jewel. The Diamond sofa is produced in numbered limited edition (100 sofas). No information on availability or pricing.

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