Dulce bathtub by Stas-Doyer offers a relaxing massage

Team a warm soak with some relaxing hydro-massage and your life is set. The Dulce bathtub is an automatic bathtub from Stas-Doyer that offers this deadly combo. This automatic bathtub is available in the 130 model (which functions to massage 6 anatomical zones of the body), or the 230 version (which can massage these 6 zones, 2 at a time), the tubs feature 180 jets of water that focus on giving you a relaxing overhaul. Too bad you and your partner can’t relax in it together because it is big enough to accommodate only one person at a time. The tub has a 280-liter capacity and comes with vivid chromotherapy lighting, which gives the tub a funky look.

With its programmable ability, health benefits and style, Dulce automatic bathtub from Stas-Doyer is a wonderful additional to any bathroom. Pricing not revealed.

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