Eiffel Tower radiator distributes heat by capturing the charm of Paris

Paris is one of the most romantic places in this world to be in. the city known for its taste in fine art and culture, Paris has long been a dream destination for those looking for a romantic escapade away from the conventional urban clutter. Now, bring home the city of Paris, or at least, it’s most famous attraction! In essence an Eiffel Tower-shaped radiator, this home-installation uses high quality stainless steel and is hand-welded into being.

Beautifully designed and completely unconventional, this radiator is a step away from the usual eye-sores we install in our homes and heats up your home efficiently with a heat output of 2590 BTUs. Bring home this Eiffel Tower shaped radiator for $3200 and above.

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Also, for an added effect, these radiators can be backlit to add a shimmery touch of aesthetic beauty to your living space.