Ergonomic Workstation: Pimped up comfy gaming for the geeks

Dentist chairs for me were always ‘fun’ to lie on since childhood, although I didn’t like the excruciatingly painful function performed subsequently. But here’s a look-alike that’s bliss and utter bliss, complete with all the geeky features one would look for. The Ergonomic workstation from Ergo Motions is an innovative prototype that will create an unrivaled niche in the sphere of gaming and workstation. The system employs an industrial rock mounted hardened PC that suspends two 19” monitors. It packs a wireless network capability, a 7.1 surround sound system, a built-in camera for video conferencing, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and an array of mechanically adjustable parts of the chair, which renders utmost comfort

This technically complete workstation is encouraged by the growing need to reduce the increasing rate of repetitive stress injuries and is sure to take ergonomics to an elevated level. Since the workstation is a prototype phase as of now, there is not much information found on this one. But if I were to go by intuition, I can speculate a colossal sum going out of the pockets of those who desire for it.

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