Fiber Optic Meteor Chandelier

Seldom you come across little objects of art and décor that take to your fancy and become that must-have additions in your life. When I came across the Fiber Optic Droplight on the Wie Da Mark site, I was like “Wow!” totally stumped at the sheer beauty of the droplights. Magic twinkles dancing and floating in air suspended from a base fitted on the ceiling. I can imagine fitting them in my living room where it will get all the respect that it commands. Fitted with 413 Fiber Optic Crystal Balls, it is illuminated with only two 150-Watt Fiber Optic bulbs. Make sure that you find the perfect spot in your living space for this beauty, as it is 32″ wide by 55″ tall

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Fiber Optic Meteor Chandelier costs $2,999.