Flatlift Diamond Furniture for $1, 42,000

If it’s dusted with diamonds then it couldn’t escape our blog! The flat lift has created a suite of media furniture that includes 50 carats of “diamond dust” sprinkled throughout its finish. Designed by Phillip Schnitzer, the pop-up TV unit is erected out of deluxe media sideboard with a massive, 80 years old german Ahorn plank integrated into the high gloss front of the furniture. He was actually asked to create absolutely unique deluxe TV Lift furniture by a very special customer who wanted this piece of furniture to personify his own character. The condition was that it should be as unique and should be available only once in the whole world. It is decked with 25 hands polished high gloss layers with integrated 50-carat diamond dust for the special diamond flashing when illuminated. On the left side, you can find a bar drawer with a lift system integrated. The bar opens at the touch of a button and you can enjoy your best-liked liquors. More images and detailing after the jump…..

At the center of the diamond furniture a Flatlift Pop-Up Platinum is located. At a touch of a button a 42″ Hitachi Full HD Flatscreen (that is not included) rises. Below the TV there is a high gloss wood plate which covers the sight inside of the furniture. The four drawers are open smoothly with just a tap. On the right side there is a Flatlift Hifi Bar mechanism integrated where you can hide your Hifi and DVD components. The backside and the base of the furniture is illuminated with LED stripes which you can adjust in color depending to your own mood. You can choose between 1.4 million different colors. And all this for just 100,000 euros ($1, 42,000)! Is that too much? Not for this kind of opulence and individuality.