Football World Cup PowerDesk

What could die-hard football fans ask for? A chance to watch the match live, refreshments, a peep at the hot cheerleaders… there is no end to it. But all things and wishes end when Football World Cup PowerDesk comes in the picture. Yes folks, its time to reinvent your visual delights. This powerdesk is much more an enchantment than even watching the match live. The limited edition desk is made from glacier white corian and is emblazoned with the cross of St George. The desk possesses hi-tech features, including a sliding 19 inch LCD screen that can be controlled with a remote control and built-in 320 watt sound system with four speakers. The fully integrated Hewlett Packard PC into the desk includes a TV card to screen the live matches broadcast on the desk’s LCD screen. The front of the desk features two USB ports and a DVD/CD rewriter embedded into the desk and this time the special edition desk also includes a deluxe silver baby fridge with five litre capacity to keep your beer and other food stuff cool.

An experience of a real football match and even the gastronome in you doesn’t have to suffer. The fridge can also be switched to heating mode to keep the food warm. The best part is that the desk conceals the wiring and the hard drive within the desk leaving only the flat panel monitor on display so in no way is the aesthetic appeal hampered. All of this does come at a staggering price of 14,976.73 USD but if you are a true football buff then it won’t hurt.

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