FRAMED concept adds digital paintings to your home décor

Looking to give your living space or workplace a tech-packed décor? Behold the FRAMED concept by artist-designer Yugo Nakamura from the ltd, Japan. We’ve stumbled across this fantastic concept before and mentioned technological specifications like the fact that these digital frames pack 55 inch Samsung vertical LED displays hooked on to computers. However, the concept of buying digital paintings could take a while to catch on or fail to do so completely, for the simple fact that most users would prefer using multimedia playback on these screens instead of static pictures. Using a FRAMED smartphone application, artworks can be browsed through and purchased for display on these screens. A great way to add a punch of technology to your blank walls, the FRAMED concept could double up as interactive and information screens, too, when required!

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The FRAMED display will cost about 1.2 million yen, which is just over $14,000, and the art itself can go for $300 depending on the piece. At the moment there are no plans to get the FRAMED out of Japan.


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