Furniture made from retired aircraft parts by De Astis for $10,000

Do you have a passion for aircraft? Then this next item is surely something to interest you. LA-based designer Giancarlo De Astis has managed to create furniture that is definitely a class apart. The designer has a knack for turning all kinds of retired aircraft parts into stylish pieces of furniture. The supplies for his masterpieces come from various junkyards and aircraft graveyards in Arizona. The designer has created a range of furniture that includes tables, chairs, lamps, and other furnishings out of flaps, turbines, canopies and many other parts. So if you want your room to reflect your passion this is a piece of furniture for you to invest in.

Since its aircraft furniture you know its going to cost you a bomb. With price ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 a pop for flying machine décor, it still is a must buy for all.

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