Gabriella Asztalos’ Hug Chair is designed for two people to sit face to face

Chairs come in all shapes all sizes today, so nothing is unusual in today’s day and age, its just innovative and fresh. And Gabriella Asztalos’s refreshing take on this unusual chair is charming. Tagged as the Hug Chair, it is inspired from her classical ballet and design background. Comfortably seating two at once, the chair is so named as it feels like “wrapping of arms in a hug, creating a circular continuous form that permits those seated to be facing each other, promoting visual contact, support and communication in an intimate way”. Another Free Hugs Campaign in the making?Click here for details about the HugChair.
Update – There are two versions of the Hug Chair; the Walnut Wood or the Fibreglass. The Walnut Wood cover is more for the classic look, and the Fibreglass (available in black or white) is more of a contemporary style. Both editions are upholstered with top quality real leather, and the color of the leather can be chosen to be any shade. The chair stands on a stainless-steel, turning base. The Fiberglass edition is tagged at 14,000 Euros ($20,000), while the Walnut Wood version is available for 19,000 Euros ($27,000).
Thanks Gabriella

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