Gargantua set of table and bench – take your meals outdoors

We all know how important it is for the whole family to have at least one meal a day together for family bonding. And with summers coming soon, wouldn’t it be fun if your mealtimes are shifted al fresco. The Gargantua set of table and bench is just right for it. Designed by Dirk Wynants, the functionality that characterizes the Gargantua can be found in the adjustable benches that can be changed in height depending on social or family circumstances. Ideally, it can seat 8 folks, but if you have more people joining in then there can be a place for 4 more. Gathering attention in the world of garden furniture design, it is made of teak and steel combination.

For £3060 ($6,000), sitting and eating together gets a new makeover.
Via – Loadedshopper