Gentle Wave massage cum rocking Lounge chair

We’ve read about several rocking or massage chairs, but not one that amalgamates both these motion features. The Gentle Wave Lounge chair provides a rocking motion that stimulates the feeling of floating in a lake, gently floating or pitching across three axes to relieve your stress and encourage optimal relation. Even the rocking motion of the chair is unique as it’s not just back and forth; but also side-to-side. The chair works out a supine posture in which your feet are placed above your heart, which is identified by NASA as being the least stressful for astronauts. (That’s what you dream of being when your relaxing in the chair) This not only helps to relieve back pain, but also facilitate oxygen and blood flow. The chair is integrated with two 50-watt transducers that produce low frequency sound waves that penetrate deep tissues and muscles for a relaxing massage.

The suave features don’t at just that, the chair’s backrest, seat and leg rest are filled with memory foam that conforms to your body’s contours and weight distribution, relieving pressure points and proving therapeutic support. One can adjust the intensity and duration of the massage and rocking using the hand held controller. The attributes of the chair sure sound promising, now what you have to think about is the $7000 price tag that comes with it, which is a little steep.

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