Get the unique and famed Albemarle Club Gaming Table to play games

Sometimes being well-known and renowned is not such a good thing after all. I am talking about the tainted antique games table from the 1895 Albemarle Club, London. Based in M.S. Rau Antiques, New Orleans, the table has been crafted in Cuban mahogany, spotting satinwood inlays. The table is secured with a series of six well-defined locking mechanisms on the drawers, which requires corresponding brass keys to open; there is also a master key to open all six drawers.

Each of the drawers has game pieces, boards, and cocktail glass support so that each can function as an independent game bay. The exquisitely crafted table is priced at $175,000. An interesting trivia about the Albemarle club, which was open to both men and women, the club was involved in the well-known scandal which led to Oscar Wilde’s persecution.

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