Giant Lava Lamp promises to become the centerpiece of your living space

I love Lava Lamps. These beautiful pieces of décor light up your living space in a unique way. And the only thing better than a Lava Lamp is a giant Lava Lamp! Offering you just that, i.e., a Giant Lava Lamp, are none other than Mathmos, inventors of the original Lava Lamp. Towering over your living space at two meters tall and measuring 20cm in diameters, this Giant Lava Lamp has a price as high as its height, i.e., £2400 ($3,855)! The liquid within these gigantic lamps is expected to last approximately 2000 hours. However, there is no need to fret as refill packs are available.

What is more, Mathmos will also design and fabricate the lamp’s metal base and cap to your requirement before galvanizing it or powder coating it in the color of your choice. There is only one word of advice; you had better decide the exact spot where you want to display this lamp as once installed; it cannot be moved.
A beauty, you can get yours here.

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