Gold-plated skulls studded with gemstones bling up the gothic-themed decor

I have no fascination with skulls, especially after seeing what Damien Hirst can do with it for sheer publicity. However, if you prefer going gothic with your home decor instead, then Divora has quite a selection that you can pick from, depending on your opulence quotient of course. These skulls are set on a stainless steel base, and are 7.5-inch wide, 18-inches high and 7.5-inches deep. Depending on the finish, the skulls come encrusted with 1,680 Swarovski crystals with the trademark and lion motif engraving.

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The 24-carat yellow gold finish skull worth $34,000 sports round brilliant cut white sapphires on a pavé setting. If this it too yellow for your liking, you can opt for one in metal with rhodium finish that features round cut blue sapphires at the same price. If black is your poison, then you can check out the 24-carat yellow gold version worth $29,500 with round cut black spinels. And if you want it to be white instead, for the same price you can pick up the 18-carat rose gold one with round cut amethysts. you can also pick these up sans the gemstones. So which one will you buy?

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