Green Walls renders the world green

Living green every day is what really counts and it’s not what everybody and anybody can afford, especially indoors. In a city where space is a precious commodity, it makes perfect sense to go vertical design for the walls. Green Walls invented by Indoor Landscaping go well beyond mere horticulture, as it blurs the line between fine art and landscape design. Vertical Gardens are perpendicular hydroponic systems that maximize the use of space for growing a variety of beneficial plants. It is a soothing blend of functionality with ‘look & feel’. It’s a bit of technology and ecology integrated together. In a high-tech world, more and more people seek respite in green surroundings.

Indoor Landscaping reverses this process by bringing plants and green to the people. Permanent green walls are vertical gardens that can be individually designed to suit your taste. The innovative concept also provides you with automatic (natural) air conditioning, air cleaning, a sound barrier, and maybe, just maybe happiness! Well, all this greenery will definitely come for a price as it’s a refreshing concept for your décor.

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