Hermes Pippa furniture: Minimalist luxury furniture pieces

Hermes is a brand I trust and suggest you do the same too. Meeting the various luxury needs of luxury seekers, Hermes is a brand that never disappoints. And if your current needs are luxury furniture pieces, then the Hermes Pippa furniture collection is just for you. The collection features a folding armchair, a console, and a foot stool. Simple, minimalist, elegant, and oh-so-awesome, these pieces will redefine luxury furniture. The folding armchair is made from Pearwood and boasts of satin-finish varnish and natural cowhide, while the metal pieces are brass. Truly elegant, this chair makes for a comfortable and elegant seating piece.

Perfectly complementing the folding armchair is the folding console made from the same materials as the armchair, i.e., Pear wood with satin-finish varnish and metal pieces in brass. Completing the Pippa furniture collection is the unique folding stool that is equally exquisite as the other two creations. Made from the same materials, this folding footstool will surely make for a great minimalist seating piece. The Hermes Pippa furniture collection is great for both indoor as well as outdoor.
The folding armchair is priced at $10,200, and the folding console is priced at $7,200. In contrast, the folding footstool is priced at $5950 and available be here. Promising to blend perfectly into your luxurious interiors, the Pippa furniture collection from Hermes is truly a class apart.

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