High-resolution screenshots of BioShock Infinite video game up for sale as pieces of art

We’ve heard of the world’s most expensive liquors, cars, mobile phones, paintings and a bunch of things that attract buyers with pockets stuffed with cash. Recently, we came across a unique sale, that of the world’s most expensive screenshot! Art dealers Cook & Decker have teamed up with Irrational Games and will have these large and expensive screenshots sold. These screenshots depict scenes from BioShock Infinite. These images are based on extremely high-resolution rendered environments. The screenshots are priced from $250 to $550 and are rare and top-notch collectibles for BioShock Infinite fans who don’t mind spending substantial sums of money to buy stuff that’ll leave their friends envious.

Also, these aren’t framed prints, and one will need to pinch out a few more bucks to have them properly framed. Apart from that, what makes these screenshots ever more remarkable is the series creator Ken Levine’s signature! For the uninitiated, BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter video game developed by Irrational Games. This single-player game has a tremendous following and is hugely popular across the globe.

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[Available at Irrational Games via Kotaku]



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