Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite bed at $35,000 guarantees everything alongwith sleep

You are spending money on medication, therapies, and good mattresses for having a blissful bedtime? But I’ve got something contradictory for you! You’ll have a tough time getting out of the bed with the new Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite bed. This is a bed for people who love life, want to have fun, and can afford it at $35,000! It packs an iPod docking station built into the headboard, a retractable 32-inch HDTV with surround sound, and a CD player that rises from inside the footboard at the touch of a button. It’s also equipped with a Sony BRAVIA® Theater System with a live DVD/CD changer, a five-speaker surround sound system, and a subwoofer beneath the bed so you feel every nuance of the audio. Made primarily from natural latex finished with a coating of aloe vera, the mattress is designed to wick away perspiration. Four German-engineered motors control the motion of the adjustable bed, and a 12-program massage system mounted under the bed turns off automatically after 30 minutes. What if you doze off in spite of all these distractions? All of this is housed in a rounded base made from specially engineered, hard-pressure laminates that are tougher than steel, impervious to corrosion or damage, and indestructible.

Since the Elite weighs a hefty 250 pounds, retractable casters gently lift the sleep system, so it can be easily moved with just one finger. Just recently unveiled at a mall in New Jersey, already ten of these ultra-luxurious beds are sold in Moscow.