Honey Radiators add a sweet touch to your decor

You can expect a designer home to boast of some of the most aesthetically designed pieces of furniture as well as appliances. And one thing that is a common sight in most designer or plush homes with lavish interiors these days is a designer radiator. So if you too wish to turn your home into a designer pad, investing in a stylishly designed radiator is definitely a must for you. And no radiator not even the Zehnder Dualis radiators can match the design standards of the Honey radiators. Like the name suggests, these Honey radiators boast of a honeycomb design pattern which is made up of irregular shaped steel plates. Each steel plate is individually powder coated in a range of complementary colors, prior to being hand mounted on to a tubular radiator. Buyers can pick their choice of color from white, cream, grey or red.

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Whichever color you choose, these amazing Honey radiators are sure to turn into unique pieces of décor. The price varies according to the models and ranges between £4,290 ($6960) and £6,200 ($10,060). To order them click here.