HZL Modern Rugs from Sweden

The HZL rugs by Henzel are an unsurpassed way of making a contemporary style statement. The rugs are artistically created to make an unforgettable impression on the minds of those who lay eyes on it. Some of them are so bold and fantastic that they are rated as a limited edition, and they can be transferred to print and oil canvas as wall artwork. The HZL rugs are hand-finished from 100% pure New Zealand wool, and techniques such as sculpting & carving are used to allow varied construction in terms of fiber content, pile height, and pile type.

For the high end market, the rugs retail for $70 per sq. ft. The deluxe collection sells for $120 per sq.ft. and it integrates 35%-50% Silk. If you are intending to give a face-lift to your floors, you can logon to the HZL website.

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