Industrial Book Shelf for your Personal Library

Greenpeace and other environmental groups are not going to be happy with me for writing about this but what the heck! I believe in the freedom of free speech et also I’m taking my shot. West Elm and Ms. Jane Carolyne Smith Roehm Kravis have a beautiful wooden bookcase in their collection. The giant casters do give it a very industrial look and feel and are probably more functional that way. You probably would like it more though if you customize it a bit. Maybe remove the wheels and paint it here and there.

I know, not exactly helpful but what the heck, I like the bookshelf, spindly as it looks, and that’s what I am here to write about! While the level of polish on this bookshelf might not be as much as Mugata’s, it is still quite a charming piece. They will come to you at $599 for the single self and $799 for the double-wide shelved stand.