Infiniti Mirror: A mind boggling piece of décor

How often have we heard the phrase – A mirror has two faces? Well, now you have the chance to explore the infinite depth of this beautiful piece of glass. How? By gazing into the beautiful piece of décor from Coup d’Etat known as the Infiniti Mirror that lets you (or at least tricks you into believing) experience the infinite depth of a mirror. A work of art, the Infiniti Mirror is a beautiful glass encased mirror. The inner border of this mirror is lined with orange bulbs that help to create an appearance of an endless warp drive into another time and space ad infinitum. The mirror plays tricks on your eyes and makes you believe there is a vast emptiness hidden inside it that is lit up by numerous orange bulbs. A beautiful piece it will surely boggle many minds. An exclusive piece, only one unit of this beautiful glass masterpiece is available for sale.

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Exquisite, exclusive and simply stunning, this piece of décor will be the centerpiece of any room. Price is however available on request only but considering the exclusivity factor, it definitely promises to be expensive.