Inflated, Illuminated Bar is glamorous

The trend for outdoor dining has gone one step further with the alfresco bars and nightclubs. Inflatable Furniture is a relatively new addition to the world of home decoration but it looks like it’s here to stay. Time and again we have enlightened you about this latest trend of inflated stuff. Modernize your party with the latest sensational inflatable and illuminated double-bar 11’long, from Bubble Miami. To complement it they have a set of entertaining stuff that includes a simple-bar 7’long, a stand-up 4’long, and a coffee table too. Either or whole of this set will definitely add a modish impact to your event. Not only these inflatables are fun and attractive, but they also are easy to install, functional, and can support substantial weight.

While deflated, they may be stored in a carrying case with wheels for easy movement and storage. Each bubble inflatable is equipped with its own power cord. For the funkiest bar on the go, just add ice! Available in wide-ranging colors, they can be purchased or rented.

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