It’s a wall, it’s a sofa….no Wallfa is the vertical hammock chair

The way you sit, is an indication of how much you care about your posture and your spine. And so chairs are not a mere decorative piece of furniture to compliments the rest in a set, but comfort and function also matters. So if you liked the Antoinette chair that doubled up as a room divider then have a look at the Wallfa too. This is dual purpose furniture that can be both a wall as well as a sofa. It is divided by a stretchy membrane separating the space in between to provide comfortable sitting area that lets two people interact from both sides of the wall, while seated. This 190cm tall, 26cm long and 100cm wide chair can also be used as double sided vertical hammock to relax and socialize. Priced at $5,500, this black designer chair created by Jordi Canudas weighs 150kgs.

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