Jazz up your desktop with Swarovksi Crystal Desk Accessories

Just when you thought the craze was over…you know the crystal studded everything; we bring to you some fresh, jeweled desk accessories. For about $100-$110; you can staple, tape, and click your mouse in style. Accessible in four enchanting colors ranging from clear, light sapphire, light rose or peridot (green) colored, the crystals are the popular Swarovski. Mouse has a three button design and is Windows compatible. Now go ahead and make those co-workers jealous by giving your desk a glamorous makeover.

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Neiman Marcus has created a stunning cornucopia of sparkling objects which also make ideal gifts. Also available in this series are – Pen cup-$175.00; Letter opener -$35.00; Magnifying glass-$40.00; Ruler-55.
The palette of Swarovski products ranges from classic and timelessly beautiful creations to current, trendy styles. In addition to outstanding fashion jewelry, Swarovski also has a collection of fashion accessories to tempt the most discerning fashion conscious customers. From watches and tattoos to the latest desk top fashion accessories Swarovski is at the forefront with the latest trends in fashion!

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