Jefdesigns Gorgonia Light box painting is really dazzling

Limited edition light box paintings are a new plunge towards the evolution of Jefdesigns. They are digitally created and illuminated paintings that reverberate to unify the assorted objects of jefdesigns. It sincerely adheres to clean and modern design principles while resonating with evocative and sensual sentiment. Any modern environment like Hotels, restaurants, bars, condos and residences could happily welcome this striking piece of art. The light box painting arrives with a two-year warranty against defect and damage with three fluorescent tubes. The on/off switch and power cords are located at the bottom of the frame and the keyholes are at the rear side of the frames. The hardware for mounting isn’t provided keeping in mind the varying tastes of people, ambience and wall substrates.

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The light box painting weighs 25lbs; hence choose the suitable hardware for mounting the painting. Gorgonia painting costs $1500.