Karim Rashid designs red Cadmo lamps for Artemide

Imagine you want to do up your home, what would you need? A sustainable design, a dream kitchen or a flashy kitchen, a luxurious bathtub, classy tables, noise proof rooms, and lot of elegant lighting fixtures. I like lamps that are nice and compact. They should be elegant yet not interfere too much with the décor of the room. If you want something minimalistic like that, check out the space-age design for Artemide called Cadmo by Karim Rashid. The Cadmo is available both as a floor lamp and as a wall sconce, and in red. The floor light fixtures have been crafted in steel. The exteriors are lacquered in the red lacquered exterior, while the interiors are powder-coated in white.

The lamp comes with an on-off dimmer control separate for the two light sources. The table lamp has a mirrored-steel weighted metal base, while the wall fitting version can be wall-mounted to any standard electrical connections.

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