Karim Rashid unveils concept “Smart-ologic Corian living” at Milan Design Week

Last week’s Milan Design Week saw the unveiling of a unique interior design project made by famed designer Karim Rashid in collaboration with DuPont Corian. The project, dubbed “Smart-ologic Corian living,” is a sustainable housing concept that makes the most of the DuPont Corian materials’ versatility and sensory quality. From the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom, all areas of the home, including the garden, have been made with environmentally sustainable bio-sourced components and recycled materials, displaying the company’s efforts to decrease its environmental footprint. Furthermore, the project also marks the debut of the DuPont Zodiaq quartz surfaces, which Karim has used in designing some of the furniture in this house. To reduce the carbon footprint, even more, the house also features DuPont Energain panels to reduce energy consumption and DuPont building integrated photovoltaic modules and Tyvek woven membranes.

All rooms boast of unique décor and furniture pieces. But the furniture piece that stands apart is the “Eko bench,” an outdoor seating solution that can incorporate an automatic system for the collection of rain water used to self-water the green mantle of grass planted into one of the seat’s undulating curves.
The “Smart-ologic Corian living” sustainable home concept is definitely smart.

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