Karim Rashid’s metal tiles collection for ALLOY

As a designer, Karim Rashid has extended his design expertise in every known field including fragrances, desks, room divider panels, TV bathtubs, champagne coolers, lamp shades, audio systems, appliances and even flashy kitchens, and to make up for everything left out, he even has his own brand called Pinker. Now he’s moved into something very different thanks to collaboration with Australian tile manufacturer ALLOY. Karim Rashid’s collection of metal tiles is brings forth a stunning display of 2D and 3D patterns with will add to the modern feel of decked up contemporary home.

Rashid adds “I with I have always been obsessed with patterns. Working with ALLOY has given me a great opportunity to play with the idea of pattern, grid, and repetition. These elements repeat in a predictable manner but they are designed to contradict the square tile. This collection for ALLOY is organic in shape because I believe that the world needs a softening and a more fluid human spirit.”

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