Keyton Innova Massage Chairs Are Blissful

Tired after a long day at the job? Just need some time to wind down? Is your back or neck aching? Maybe what you need is a good massage chair that renders a concentrated massage or a combination of kneading, rolling, or tapping! Kick back in one of these, adjust to suit your desires, and it may be a while before you have any interest in getting back out. Keyton chairs represent the best combination of style and massage abilities. Keyton epitomizes cutting edge shiatsu massage chair technology for your wellbeing, as used by Tony Blair! The distinction and personality of this latest Keyton Innova modern design transform into the ideal complement for the offices or the preferred corner of your home. All the Keyton Innova chairs are upholstered with the best leather and its back accommodates the most sophisticated Keyton’s technology.

The new SensorScan massage system personalizes, in real-time, all the massages to the state of the back of each person, transforming each chair into a unique piece. A sophisticated control panel, located in the arm of the chair, allows you to enjoy an automatic massage at just a press of a button. With the remote control, you can personalize up to 32 types of massages. Use remote control, to bring real control over every aspect of your massage! For a lofty sum of $7,500 (£3,950), avail a daily Keyton massage that relaxes your muscles, stimulates circulation, relieves your back, neck, and lumbar pain, improves your leg circulation, and reduces shoulder tension.

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