Kohler Yin Yang Wading Pool Lavatory inspired by Chinese symbol

Ying Yang never fails to engage us in their mesmerizing energies. We have featured stuff that has been inspired by them earlier too but this time it’s the lavatory basin that we want to tell you about. Kohler Yin Yang Wading Pool Lavatory instills a sense of harmony in any bath or powder room. Inspired by the same Chinese forces, this basin highlights the sensory quality and purity of water delivery. The center is subtly convex, and the unconventional, outward water flow creates unique visual appeal as it swirls luxuriously to the offset drain.

Like a naturally curving shell, it offers a calm sense of balance. You can add sophistication to your bathroom with this Kohler Yin Yang Wading Pool Lavatory Basin. No clue about the pricing though.

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