Koura Pendant wall décor

The Green Leaf Award winner, David Trubridge was a creative man indeed. He spent years studying marine life around the South Pacific islands before creating the three New Zealand pendants Kina, Koura, and Coral. The Koura Pendant was inspired by the curved shape of the fresh-water sea fish called Koura and the basket shape was inspired by the woven eel trap known as Hinaki. The pendant is made using minimum materials with maximum effect. It uses Australian sustainable plantation hoop pine untreated plywood and a dual-core electrical flex PVC cord. It is also nailed with stainless steel rivets and a white painted metal ceiling plate has been used. The pendant has a beautiful intricate pattern and to maximize the intricate shadows that it casts, hangs close to a wall or floor.

It has measurements of H 39” Diameter 7-22” Cord L 15” and price is fixed at $2,200.