Laluna fiber optic lamps..lights, style and more!!!

Its time we got some light into our lives and if its anything like these Laluna fiber optic lamps then we better hurry. These illuminated strangled fiber strands designed by German artist Steffen Bauer for Crescent lighting is connected to a color-changing LED light source which is really handy as they can be mounted anywhere you want them.Bored of seeing them in your living room? Well who is stopping you to move them? As a matter of fact, a single light source can be connected to up to a dozen of these otherworldly fixtures.

If size matter to you, you have two choices with these Laluna fiber optic lamps.They are available in two sizes 15.5-inches and 23.6-inches. And even though these are really good looking and all that jazz i think they are a bit luxuriously priced at $1000 to $1200 USD and yes it includes a single light 100W halogen source. Now is’nt that comforting!!!! And if you are a foodie, then i guess the title ‘shining spaghetti’ will surely entice you. Grab it for a really cool looking decor.

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