LED on the walls, floor… ubiquitously!

Light up your life! Light keeps on illuminating our life in surprising ways. Light emitting diodes, commonly called LEDs, are real unsung heroes in the electronics world. Illustrious designer Ingo Maurer at the Spazio Krizia 2006 in Milan presented his bright LED creations which included Wallpaper, Carpet, and Table with adjustable colored LED’s. Wall and floor décor choice has never been so diverse. Identifying the need to move with the changing demands of the consumer, from lighting prospective, the future seems to be bright. Says Ingo, “New technologies and materials constantly spark my interest and imagination. We work with highly innovative technology – as well as simple materials – to give form to my aesthetical ideas, sometimes called poetic.”

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Here is LED magic carpet of green circuit boards and LEDs suspended from the ceiling.
Take a close up look at this Luminous table.