LED wallpaper with computer-chip motif illuminates the walls

Technology usually ensures that your life is simpler, easier and better. And that adds to the beauty of your house as well. If you are bored of those traditional lighting options and want to get your hands on something a bit more creative, then this modern LED wallpaper by Architects-Paper is an interesting product to check out. This shimmering wall art has been designed by Ingo Maurer and comes with a computer-chip motif, illuminated with LEDs, offering an out-of-the-box way to light up your room. Add it to your ceiling or just one wall in your home for the dazzling effect.

Ingo Maurer’s LED Wallpaper was selected as “Best of Best” among the winners of the Interior Innovation Award on Monday, January 16, 2012. Each wallpaper panels measure 320 by 60 cm. Start getting creative to give your home that special twinkle!
[Ingo Maurer via Trendir]

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