Leonardo leather ottoman glitters with Swarovski crystals

Adding luxury to an ottoman is Italian furniture house, Fiorentino who has created the uber-luxe, the leather ottoman’s that dazzle with Swarovski crystals. The opulent furniture piece dubbed the Leonardo leather ottoman is sure to become the next must-have furniture piece for your luxurious mansions courtesy of the high-end materials that have gone into its making. Sitting on exquisite Swarovski crystal-embellished feet that are shaped like paws, these ottomans are truly a class apart. The exquisite gems glitter beautifully on the leather backdrop, which is available in a choice of three colors, namely black, white, gilded gold-colored leather.

Besides functioning as high-end pieces of seating, the Leonardo ottoman will also act as your luxurious storage space. Yes, Fiorentino allows you to opt for the ottomans with a liftable lid and interior storage space.
A truly high end furniture piece, the Leonardo leather ottoman is definitely a must have for all you luxury lovers. For more info click here.

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