Limited edition Faberge Egg from Russia $50,000

Malachite as been used for ornaments by the Greeks and Egyptians since 3000 B.C. and it is usually attributed to ward off negative energy. It is a stone which aids you in businesses and help you balance relationships. And if you want to give someone a Malachite egg, but your loved one doesn’t believe in all this ‘mumbo-jumbo’, gift them the Limited edition Faberge Egg from Russia. Unlike the $18million egg that we’ve featured earlier, this one is an architectural replica of the Uspenski Cathedral in the Kremlin where the Czars of Russia were crowned.

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The hand-made malachite egg dome comes studded with a diamond double-headed eagle. Open it to view a Russian bear rotating to a Swiss musical piece on the Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Detailed features like the turrets, towers, and staircases from Kremlin walls have been c rafted from over 1,000 pieces of mother-of-pearl, jade, onyx, lapis lazuli, coral, and red agate. Two of the towers have Swiss clocks hit on them, which have been created using 24carat gold-plated sterling silver metal components. Only six of these 17inch high and 12inchx4inch wide replicas are available on sale, each priced at $50,000 each.

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