Linke’s Régulateur Louis XV surmounté du Motif le Temps clock up for $1,250,000

I am not into antique furniture pieces, so the name François Linke definitely didn’t ring a bell. But if you are an avid antique collector and own some of the most exquisite antique furniture pieces, you probably know that Linke was a master cabinetmaker. And if you wish to expand your antique collection by adding a Linke piece, then here is your chance. The excellent Régulateur Louis XV surmounté du Motif le Temps clock, which was constructed especially for the 1904 St. Louis Exposition by Linke is actually available for sale. The second of only six known to be made by the master, this piece was built form the collaboration between Linke and designer Léon Messagé. A magnificent piece, it stands 10 feet tall and its inlaid tulipwood and fruitwood case is embellished with mythological and natural motifs rendered in cast bronze ormolu.

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A bespoke piece, the detailing in the different motifs like the star-studded globe dial surmounted by a scythe-wielding Chronos, or the simple oak branches all leave you mesmerized. What is more, it was reportedly ten years in the making! The clock was based on a design by Messagé and was hailed as the chef-d’oeuvre on his Gold Medal-winning stand by critic Charles Dambreuse at the 1900 Paris Exposition. The mounts of this masterpiece are signed and stamped “LINKE 1803, FL, and LIN,” the clockworks stamped “ETIENNE MAXANT/BREVETE/R DE SAINTONGE PARIS/17965.” The Exquisite creation measures 42″ wide, 23″ deep, and 123″ high. Boasting of a $1,250,000 asking price, this antique creation is available for sale here.

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