Liven up the interiors of your living room

If you’re the kind that likes subtle understated design pieces installed as in the interiors in your house – run! This design is definitely not for your subtle palette. That is not to say it is unattractive. This rather beautiful piece that you see in the picture was displayed recently at the Milan Salone del Mobile and as you can see, it’s as flamboyant as can be! Designed by Christoph Klemmt, the ‘OR’ as he calls it, becomes a deep blue as the sun’s rays are absorbed and a translucent white when struck by interior lights at night.

Composed out of polygonal, photo reactive segments which respond to ultra-violet light, OR’s captivating powers lie in its capacity to correspond its appearance to changes in weather and daylight. Its’skin’ emits flourishing hues of blue and green when exposed to sunlight and maintains a subtle translucency when the installation is overcome by shade. Best of all, OR’s effects are not limited to daytime – at night, it generates ample atmosphere by becoming a ‘chandelier’ which lavishly floods its surrounding areas with a dramatic dispersement of light.