Luminous Fiber Optic Tablecloth for a rocking dinner party

Always wanted to add that extra sparkle to your dinner parties? Here’s your chance to harmonize your dazzling cutlery with this Luminous Fiber Optic Tablecloth. Made out of fiber optics fabric with assorted cotton borders, its cool luminous effect is simply stunning and brilliantly innovative. LumiGram is a French site that sells this tablecloth that is equipped with plastic optical fibers woven alongside the regular threads. They’re powered by discreet batteries and are hand-washable. That great news as you won’t have to worry about the dry-cleaning bills.

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If you can shell out just about 950 Euros ($1,264) then you can organize beautiful and dazzling luminous late-night backyard fiestas.
Small: 150×400 cm (59×157 inches).
Medium: 150×500 cm (59×197 inches).
Large: 150×600 cm (59×236 inches).
Update – Sizes corrected