Luxury Sleeping Pod-Transports you to another world of blissful sleep

Emancipation from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic world is what we long for. We really don’t mind dropping on some holiday destination or some isolated world but that’s all at the mercy of our lady luck. Our work often doesn’t permit our minds to relax. Realizing this need of the hour, the designer Alberto Frias created this Perceptual Pod titled “Transport”. The designer conceptualized this egg-shaped fiberglass vessel from the shape of the human eye…something to put you to blissful sleep like that of a baby. The sleeping pod is equipped with speakers and an array of light-emitting diodes synchronized to music, a waterbed pad, and a cushion aimed to provide you a cozy spa-like atmosphere to relax. The number of light in the pod would determine its price. I wonder if any price is more for the kind of sleeping hours you have always longed for.

But yeah, this would definitely cost you a fortune for it ships with a hefty price tag of

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