Magic – The couch that turns into a bunk bed!

Here’s showing you what good stuff is made off. Transformable Doc has recently come out with a modern sofa that can turn into a bunk bed. You’re already planning out that pajama party you have been dying to have aren’t you? Focus! Learn more about the exciting features of this product people! This bundle of joy is a comfortable sofa with a fully removable cover (just takes minutes to remove it!) and is indeed an architectural wonder as with one simple movement of the hand and no extra strain it turns into a practical bunk bed. The strain is also reduced as the sofa has a built-in ladder that helps make the set up a lot easier.

Available at Resource Furniture, 969 Third Avenue (58th Street), this delightfully orange sofa is priced at $5,950. It could also cost you $4,995 to $7,425, depending on the fabric you want on the sofa. And here’s something more for you readers – The same manufacturer has a collection of other space-saving pieces, including sofas mounted to wall units that conceal pull-down beds and desk units that convert to beds! So if you’re a furniture junkie who likes having space as well (a weird combination that!) then these guys are the answer to your prayers!